Friday, December 18, 2009

What Real French Women Wear

Okay, so French is often equated with Fashion.
And Fashion these days consists a series of ill-concealing,
unattractive clothes.
Like the window above.
Granted that it is below freezing here
and nobody (even a twenties-age twig)
would wear such a thing outdoors,
I have been crowd watching
and there are far more round-sized,
middle-aged ladies in puffy coats and elderly scarves
than the France Fashion image leads one to believe.
In fact the ladies here are so normal,
I feel very comforted.
But the question has always nagged me:
where do these women SHOP?
They clearly don't buy their clothes at the Skeletal Boutiques.
As I was going through the weekly flea market on my way home,
I unexpectedly found my answer:

This row of granny nighties, my friends,
is REAL French lingerie.

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