Monday, December 21, 2009

Strasbourg Sunrise

I had planned to observe sunrise today from above the clouds,
somewhere between Paris and Strasbourg.
But when I got to the airport at a horridly early hour,
I found that nearly all the flights were cancelled
due to snow.
(About 2 inches of snow.
Bet they wouldn't cancel flights in Oslo for that!)
I got put on a flight for tomorrow,
going home via a totally different route.
In fact I get to go through Amsterdam.
I quite like Amsterdam airport,
and I have a three hour stopover,
so I am *hoping* I will have enough time
to take a quick trip into the city via shuttle
and revisit the Oude Kirke--
all my pictures of it from last year's visit
got stolen along with my camera.
Anyway, I get an extra day in Strasbourg,
and I was fortunate enough to get a hotel right away,
very close to the train station
(the view is from my window.)
Ignoring my baser self
(which wants to go back to bed)
I am going off to the city hospital.
There is a historic wine cellar there,
open to visitors in the mornings.
Yes, this IS related to my research, as a matter of fact.
And if I get enough material from the hospital,
I shall treat myself to an excursion
at the Chocolate Museum.

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