Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last Day in Strasbourg

On my unexpected additional day in Strasbourg,
I visited the historic hospital wine cellar (above)
and tried to visit the medieval hospital chapel (below)
but could only see the exterior:

Then I went off to the university to double check some articles
and make some photocopies.
I kept turning up new references.
This was good for my research,
but bad for my plans for the chocolate museum
(another time, perhaps).
In the evening I got to stroll around the Christmas markets
one last time.
The Place Gutenberg was graced by a "blue glass tree":

And the ice skating rink at the Place de la Cathedrale
was very lively.
They were playing 80s music.
It was kind of a trip to hear the Bangles
("Manic Monday")
pouring out over the speakers.

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Birrd said...

The wine cellar looks super nifty and I love the tree!