Friday, November 27, 2009

Once a Year

Once a year, I like to do something a bit crafty.
And right after the holidays seemed a good time to get my nephews
(and a couple of nieces) involved.
So I hosted a cookie party.
My sister and I prepped by making the sugar cookies
and gingerbread cookies
and rolling them out and cutting them,
and then baking them.
We used my aunt's kitchen
(which is huge and has granite counter tops and a double oven)
to roll out and bake the cookies
and also to mix up the frosting.
Then we carted it all over to my house,
put both leaves into my table,
taped a cheap disposable plastic tablecloth to the surface,
and set up for the kids.
We had 11 kids and 7 adults
(though not everybody stayed for the entire time,
and some of the younger kids got bored
and their Grandma took them to the condo play area.)
But all ages from quite young to late teens
had a great time.

We had gingerbread men,
and tree and candy cane shaped sugar cookies.
I forget where the sugar cookie recipe comes from
but they use a lot of butter
and they are marvelous
(especially topped with butter cream icing).

Several of the older kids were very good about helping
younger siblings and cousins:

Our merry group!
I went a bit overboard on the amounts of cookies,
frosting (especially frosting-- I used 2 pounds of butter)
and decorations.
If I do this particular project again next year,
I will have a more realistic idea of the number of cookies to make.

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Linda said...

Hooray for Aunty Croc! Giving the young-uns an opportunity to create and have fun. It was great!