Friday, November 27, 2009

Cookie Creativity

My nephews are Very Creative.
And highly unusual.
Forget making basic gumdrop buttons on their gingerbread men.
how about mathematical signs like pi?

The pair below was the contribution of Hyrum,
who decided that in addition to nibbling one gingerbread man
down to a peg leg,
he would decorate the other with vegetables
(he stopped short of using Ranch dressing for frosting,
but the broccoli hair just cracks me up):

My mathematically inclined nephew Caleb also plays the bass,
so after carefully carving away excess cookie
(I believe the original was, appropriately enough, a tree)
he came up with this:

Here's Caleb's entire array of cookies:

If you enlarge the picture you can see the bottom pair
have strange blobs and dots on them...
these are various atoms from the periodic table.
One is H20, the other?

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