Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Costumes

Here is my niece the Rabbit in her lion costume.

My nephew Fish was delighted with his snake costume--
until he saw his brother's pirate costume.
Then he sulked.
(Apparently the problem got solved,
when his brother lent him his eye patch,
so that he could be a Pirate Snake.)

My niece Sophie was a Mermaid Princess.

And for years we have been telling my brother Joe
that he should be Aragorn.
So this year he finally got an outfit for it.
We thought he looked pretty terrific!

1 comment:

CStanford said...

Joe as Aragorn - YAAAAAAYYY!

And really, what reason can there be to be dissatisfied with a snake costume, of all things? But then, children don't operate by reason as we see it.