Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fruit Cup, Or, Virtue Rewarded

I went on a field trip with my seminar students today,
up to Salt Lake City.
We visited St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral,
and after our visit,
we went to the Bakery.
The Bakery is officially called Gourmandise Bakery,
but to our family, it's just The Bakery.
It's amazing.
It has some restaurant seating in addition to the gorgeous glass dessert cases,
and we had lunch there.
I was trying to be good,
so instead of the usual side chips with my (half size, vegetarian) sandwich,
I ordered the more expensive cup of fruit side.
I figured it would be the usual blend
of unripe cantaloupe,
bland honeydew and tired grapes,
but to my surprise and delight,
the fruit turned out to be at least a cup
of fresh cut up strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.
Yum, yum!
(Then, to balance all the healthy aspects,
I bought some cake slices to take home and share with my sisters.)


Glenda said...

yeah, you did good! Look's yummy!

CStanford said...

Berries are a blessing. Glad to see that the folks at the Bakery are keeping their senses.