Monday, October 12, 2009

Trip Scenes

When we left Kansas, the temperature began to drop.
Soon we were seeing frost on the fields as we passed.
By the Kansas/Colorado border, there was a freezing drizzle
that iced our windshields and slowed us down.
We drove slowly and cautiously to Denver.
The next morning, we left the Denver area at 8 am,
and the countryside was frosted over,
as if it were December and not mid October:

Over the mountain ridges bordering Denver,
and behind the cold front,
the temperature tripled-- from 22 to mid 60s,
and we had a nice stop at a rest area along the Colorado River,
in Glenwood Canyon.
The boys played in the stream that fed into the river
and we watched kayakers go by.

Evening on I-70 in mid Utah was warm and dry.
We reached the San Rafael swell at sunset,
and just before then,
this view of the Book Cliffs caught the lingering late light:

1 comment:

CStanford said...

Ah, Colorado in October. When I took the Greyhound to Denver 9 years ago the snow was already pretty deep in the Rockies.