Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby on the Trip

My niece, the Rabbit, on the Great Move
(inside the car of chaos).
She was mostly a good traveler,
except for the last few hours of the last day,
when we were all fed up with being in the car so long.

The Rabbit likes to be in charge.
At the rest areas when we let her out of her car seat,
her preferred spot was the driver's seat.

Here's my favorite Rabbit incident.
When we stopped overnight in Denver with Sarah's friend Alex,
the kids had a blast playing with Alex's two boys.
They looked so cute dressed up for Sunday church.
The youngest patiently ate the cheerios the Rabbit wanted to feed him.

1 comment:

CStanford said...

Wow, but she looks like her mother!

You could win a prize with that last one.