Monday, October 12, 2009

Last Meal in Kansas

When Sarah and her family first moved to Wichita,
we went out to dinner, and this was the first place we found.
It's a rather dreadfully inauthentic Mexican restaurant.
It actually appears to be a chain.
There was another in Hays, Kansas,
and when we stopped for dinner,
this was the most convenient place.
It seemed to be fate to have our last meal there,
as well as our first meal.

I had a taco salad.
It was tolerable.
The kids enjoyed their burritos and french fries.

The kids liked the sippy cups.
The main thing was that it was hot and filling.
But WHO ever thought of calling a MEXICAN restaurant

1 comment:

CStanford said...

It reminds me of the Irish-Italian restaurant in _Return to Me_. Although you'd like to think that a joint actually run by folks from the represented ethnicity would do better . . .