Monday, October 19, 2009

More Hiking with Kids

Last weekend I went to Canyonlands (Needles District).
There were 4 adults from the family (including me)
and 8 kids.
My brother took the older kids on an 11 mile hike.
My sister in law and I took the younger kids on a 6 mile hike,
out to the Chesler Park overlook.
(My dad wisely decided to stay in camp and relax.)
Hiking with ages 5-11 was an interesting experience.
There was a lot of playing in the dirt (above).
And looking for landmarks (below).

Rest stops tended to fill up with creative games
and rock climbing:

And though for the most part they were all full of energy
and had no problem going the distance,
there were a few moments when the youngest needed to be carried:

(I believe he had just lost an argument with his brother,
and wanted the comfort.)
My heroic sister in law carried him and TWO back packs,
because at some point, nearly everyone complained that their water bottles were too heavy.

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