Friday, January 9, 2009

Winter Night Adventure with the OAC

On Thursday night I went to Meadow Hot Springs with the OAC.
It's a rather long drive from Provo, and we don't usually go so far on a week night,
but this was our opening event of the semester.
And the weather looked good (we thought).
Our drive down was completely clear,
and the hot springs were great,
and we had a fire,
and everyone had a great time.
There were about 20 of us all together.
We left about 10:30 pm, quickly toweling off in the cold night:

As we exited the parking lot, snow began to fall. And fall.
By the time we'd gone 10 miles on the interstate,
the snow was coming straight at the windshield,
and with the headlights the snow looked like the white streaks
that appear in the screen of the Millenium Falcon before it makes its jumps to hyperdrive.
We had to go very slow and at times we couldn't see the road,
just the reflecting posts on either side,
and I had no idea where the lanes were,
so I just drove in the dead center.
I was very grateful for my new tires!
Eventually the snow tapered off,
and by Nephi the roads were much better.
Though we didn't get back to Provo until 1 am,
I was grateful that all of our group made it back safe and sound.

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Birrd said...

I'm glad you made it back safe too!