Friday, January 2, 2009

The Cat with the Diamond Eyes

You may be wondering:
What IS this thing??

It is the Achievement of a Childhood Dream.

When I was a kid, my older sister was given a perfume bottle container in the shape of a cat under a plastic dome.
She christened it "The Cat with the Diamond Eyes".
It belonged to her, but oh, how I wanted it, how I admired it,
how I longed for it to be MINE.
She knew this well, and she used the Cat mercilessly as a carrot
to get me to do things for her.
Just to SEE the Cat was a wonderful treat.
"If you let me color in your coloring book, you can hold
the Cat with the Diamond Eyes."
"If you go away while my friends are over,
you can have the Cat with the Diamond Eyes for an hour."
And so on.
For years I was in the Cat's (and my sister's) thrall.
Eventually I inherited the Cat.
And now it's all mine, every dusty speck of tacky fake velvet.
Normally it lives in a box in the back bedroom closet,
but when I was cleaning, I found it again.
I have to admit, I feel a small glow of satisfaction as I look at it.
I mean, when I was a kid,
I wanted to be a princess, a ballerina, to own the Hope Diamond, and the Cat with the Diamond Eyes.
Well, at least one of those dreams has come true!!
How many people can say as much?


scraps said...

What was the fragrance of the perfume? I am glad one of your dreams have come true.

Birrd said...

OH WOW THE CAT WITH THE DIAMOND EYES!!!!! What you neglected to say in your post was that YOU used it as a carrot with your little sister who loved it and longed for it just as you had before. :)

I'm jealous. You could still probably use it as a carrot. Let me hold it for a minute and gaze into its dazzling-eyed splendor and I am your slave.

Dr. Croc said...

I don't recall using it as a carrot, myself. My recollection is that, having won it, I didn't want to share it!!
I know, though, that I honed all of the exploitation skills used on me and passed them on...

Humanities said...

Oh, about the perfume. It was by Max Factor, but when we inherited the Cat, the perfume had already long been used up.
The Cat was always a visual attraction, primarily, for us.