Monday, January 26, 2009

January Organizing

I cleaned out my back bedroom closet a week or so ago.
I have always used part of the closet to store dress-up items for my nieces and nephews to play with when they come visiting. But it's often been crowded and messy. This time I kept almost the entire back rail of the closet for the costumes, and added a shoe rack and a bin for accessories (things like gloves and necklaces and scarves and hats and the Egyptian belly dancer's scarf and cap I let a street vendor in Luxor talk me into buying for ten bucks last fall and the silk parasol my sister in law gave me from Thailand.) Yes, that's my wedding veil hanging there (honestly I'm never going to wear that again) and also some old formal dresses from the 80s as well as my master's degree robes and my old Dracula cape and various things like the knit prisoner stripe suit and my old 80s denim jean jacket, plus the pioneer dress and the pseudo-medieval dress and the old Tae-Kwon-Do uniform and a really marvelously hideous old velvet plush houserobe that reminds me EXACTLY of Ron Weasley's dress robes...
Kids, come visit soon!

I also reorganized my vanity cabinet,
which for me is actually a giant scarf-and-jewelry cabinet.

The cheap $5 plastic nuts & bolts boxes that are sold at home improvement stores work just great as jewelry holders, because you can put the dividers in anywhere you want to make large or small compartments. I just take off the tops and store them elsewhere because otherwise they clutter the drawer. I also made a very primitive cloth-covered cardboard 'pin board' to pin my more delicate necklaces on, as you can see below. I am hoping that some day when I get around to more crafty things I will make a better one with thicker padding (quilt batting would be good) and smaller peg/pins that will be more elegant and stable, but for now this does the job. I wouldn't want to count on its sturdiness if there was anyone under 18 within 3 feet of it, though.

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scraps said...

I am very impressed!! How fun it will be to see how your nieces and nephews dress up!