Monday, December 1, 2008

Khan el Khalili bazaar scenes

We finished our tour of Old Cairo and Islamic Cairo with a short visit to the Khan el Khalili bazaar. I wish we had gone there earlier, as I had no energy to do more than take a couple of pictures (and then I opted for a quick visit to the nearby Al Hussein mosque built 1154), but here are some views.
This is a typical street of the bazaar complex:

The butcher at his work is very picturesque but I can't say that this open-air display strikes me as salubrious:

The spice shops too are picturesque but you can't see the flies very well in the photos:

This is an interior of one of the shops.
At the bazaar you can get brass pots, slippers, knicknacks, fabric, belly dancer outfits, jewelry, and much much more... most of it of very low quality.

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Birrd said...

I hope you brought me home some flies. :)