Monday, December 1, 2008

I Love Being a Princess

There is a Backyardigans episode set in Ancient Egypt where Tasha ('Princess Cleotasha') sings a little number called "I love being a princess." When I walked into my room at the Fairmont Hotel my last night, I began to hum it!
This was my room view:

And they gave me a suite:
An extremely large living room area:

This contained a dining zone as well:
(and a kitchenette):

And here's the bedroom (one of two.)

I should have hosted a party!
Mostly what I did in this grand space was unpack, repack, and SLEEP.
(Alas, no time to go use the pool, not with spending the afternoon out touring mosques and the citadel and the bazaar.)
It was sure luxurious, though.


Birrd said...

WOW!!!!!! Wish I could have come over!

scraps said...

Great pics, your students will enjoy. What fun!