Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Egyptian lunch buffet

Here is our guide, "Amy", peering over coffee grounds at one of our lunches out in Cairo.
(Apparently the belief is that one can discern events, if not tell the future, from doing this.)

I did not photograph the buffet itself (I had taken lots and lots of other buffet pictures and they all looked the same- I hope to post some of those later). Here is what I got from the buffet:

Yeah, that's right. Eggplant, rice, a meat patty (fried somehow- rather dry) and THREE pieces of baklava. I ADORE baklava and this was particularly good baklava, crunchy and buttery and not just soggy.
I also had a fresh date:

These are much crunchier than the dried variety. It was Interesting.
I didn't eat a lot of dates on this trip (they weren't around much) which kind of surprised me because Egypt grows 84 varieties of date.
We also had to drink bottled water, everywhere.
We even had to brush our teeth with the bottled water.
It was kind of fun to see the water bottle labels in Arabic:


a. maren said...

hi dr. stanford! this is anna from your sacred spaces class. wanted to let you know that my sourdough bread turned out way better than i expected, and thanks for the advice! i am on my way to the next few loaves, maybe i could bring one to class for the last day or something.

oo these pictures from egypt make me so hungry! especially the baklava mm.

Dr. Croc said...

Glad the bread worked out for you! Yes, the food in Egypt was great. I especially loved the fresh mango juice and the pomegranates (pictures of these to come, hopefully).