Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hotel Humor and Silver Linings

On the cruise ship during my Nile voyage, the crew were very diligent about spiffing up the room and making sure we had plenty of clean dry towels and so on.
And they did humorous things with the cloth runner that draped over the foot of the bed.
One day they folded it into a crane, one day into a heart.
This was my favorite:

I owe this picture to the kindness of one of my fellow tourists, because, TRAGICALLY, I lost most of my pictures.
It's a long sad story. In brief, I was foolish enough to keep my filled-up camera cards in my checked luggage and the checked luggage got sent on a long roundabout trip to Santiago, Chile (SCL) instead of Salt Lake City (SLC) and six days later when I finally got the luggage back, I found that someone with a TSA lock key had opened it, rummaged through it, and taken anything of immediately saleable value. I am sad that I was robbed, but I trust that the airline will make good on the value of the perfume and the camera charger and converter devices and so on. But the camera cards weren't worth much monetarily- I think they were $12 each on Amazon- but the pictures on them were irreplaceable. That really hurts. I'll be ready to speak up at the Last Judgment, believe me, and tell all about it when the thief is finally revealed.
Anyway, the silver lining is that there were a lot of nice folks on the tour, some of who were almost as snap-happy as I am (even if none of them were die-hard enough to use a tripod, so all the night pictures are pretty much a total loss). It helps a little, even if my carefully composed angles are all gone, to have SOME views of the things I saw and did.

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Birrd said...

I need to learn how to fold a crocodile like that!