Sunday, October 19, 2008

Six Lakes Campout

Friday night, I drove up with the OAC to Six Lakes.
I'd never been there before.
It's near Altamont, Utah, close to (but not in) the Uintahs.
The lakes were actually quite small:

But it was fun being out in a canoe.
I haven't canoed since my teenage years.
I had forgotten how tippy and wobbly they are when you get in.

But I paddled around gently and scooted close to the cattails and took quite a few photographs.
It was warm and nice by then.
It had been cold overnight,
and when I finally emerged from my sleeping bag,
the first thing I wanted was a hot breakfast.
I have a great little camp stove,
and I made a big pan of hash browns:

I also made peppermint tea in the Nalgene bottle,
so it was a good wake-up.

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