Saturday, October 4, 2008

Crocodiles and Gender Stereotypes

Sophie and Edward were playing with my crocodiles today.
At first they were playing nicely together:

They were so cute together!

And THEN they began to differ in their playing styles.
Edward wanted to wage a crocodile war.
He lined up several of the smaller crocodiles
against the larger stuffed crocodile:

After Edward had 'killed' the smaller crocodiles,
Sophie took them carefully away and tucked them into a basket,
their "crib".

Of course, having lots of brothers has probably made Edward very belligerent,
but it is pretty amusing to see kids this young fall straight into the 'girl type' and 'boy type' roles of stereotype playing.


Emily said...

So, this is completely hilarious -- but I have to comment on your last comment. It isn't because Edward has older brothers, or because they have learned social stereotyping -- both Edward and Sophie just came this way. Sophie has been this way from the beginning. It's such a contrast from her brother, it's remarkable! And you could think that because E and S have parents in somewhat un-stereotypical roles, that they might not behave as strongly in "boy" and "girl" roles, but they do. It's nature, not just nurture!!!

Dr. Croc said...

Yes, probably that too.