Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Furst(enberg) Rye Victory

Having no luck with my sourdough rye attempts,
I decided to look around on the web and find a recipe for 100% rye that looked more manageable.
This one is nearly 100% rye:

I followed the recipe pretty closely.
Here is the overnight yeast sponge,
with onion.
(I still don't know why the onion is necessary.
Or increasing acidity?)

The next morning, as per instructions,
I added rye flour, a little wheat flour, and water.
(Okay, so I used whole wheat instead of white bread flour,
that was a change.)
Oh yes, I took out the onion, too.

After mixing it up in the Kitchen Aid,
and then adding salt (too much salt, I'd halve what the recipe calls for)
and yeast
and NO caraway (I do not like caraway),
it looked like this:

This gluey concrete-like mixture was transferred to an oiled bowl
(though frankly I think it could have stayed in the Kitchen Aid bowl)
to rise for an hour.
Here's how it looks after this first rise:

On to my next steps.

1 comment:

scraps said...

this looks much better than the last batch, hows it going? Looks like it will taste great. I also half the salt, but have found out that on sourdough (only, kind without yeast), I use 3/4 of what is called for in the recipe, as it seems to help with the not only the flavor but the way the bread final rising is. Also I have read to put it in at the very last to give the flour time to asborb the water or liquids in the recipes, that way it is not so salty tasting. Just an idea.