Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rye Victory Continued

Here's my work surface.
I sprayed it with Pam,
and kept a bowl of water handy.
The water was for dipping my hands.
Rye dough is very sticky,
and it doesn't develop gluten like yeast does.
So it doesn't need much kneading.
But I did a little, as per the recipe instructions:

Here is the kneaded dough, plonked in its oiled bowl,
ready for its second and final rise.
You can see that it is dense, heavy,
and a bit wet on the surface
(wet hands keep the dough from sticking to them):

Here is the dough after rising for about an hour:

Then after preheating a small 8" dutch oven,
here is the dough,
brushed with cornstarch & water
(and I tried to slash it decoratively, not very well):

Ready to go in the oven!

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