Wednesday, July 13, 2011

English Wildflowers

The third day I was here, I found a book on English wildflowers
in a gift shop, for 5 pounds.
So now I can tell you that the top flower is
Lotus corniculatus (common birds-foot trefoil-
which I learned in the US as 'butter and eggs');
the second is calystegia sepium (hedge bindweed-
I would have called this a morning glory,
but apparently that's a totally different species);
the third is
chamerion angustifolium (rosebay willowherb-
which I know as fireweed)
and the last is probably a heliamanthum,
or rock rose.

Thank heavens for Latin names and the internet.
I keep seeing the chamerion angustifolium on the roadsides,
and I was 95% sure it was fireweed,
but the common name from the British book really threw me off.

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