Friday, July 29, 2011

English Food

English food is actually great stuff
(forget the stereotypes about boiled beef and watery vegetables.)
Full English breakfast is a great way to start the day,
though I didn't have the whole thing very often--
I usually just want toast and eggs and mushrooms.
I LOVE mushrooms with breakfast!
Save my main calories for later.
Like with fish and chips.

I had the most amazing fish and chips in Salisbury,
in a great pub called "The Cloisters" on Exeter street
near the cathedral.
I would definitely go there again.
Crisp, crisp batter, tender fish inside.
It was definitely worth every calorie.

And then there was my biggest weakness- cream teas.
A cream tea is a pot of tea
(peppermint tisane in my case, with milk),
a scone, some jam, and clotted cream.
Clotted cream is a cross between butter and whipped cream.
And it is divine, especially on a scone.
I had entirely too many of these during my visit!
But thanks to walking about 5 miles a day,
at least I didn't gain any weight...

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GStaples said...

Have enjoyed all your pictures of England. Looked up clotted cream, might try to make it sometime. Thanks for sharing your travels!