Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And the fancy vault prize goes to...

I saw a number of gorgeous vaults on my last trip.
It felt as if I were judging a contest.
Here are the results!

The second runner up is the Exeter cathedral nave.
Great carved bosses.

The first runner up is Gloucester abbey's choir.
Terrific perpendicular lierne vaults.

And the winner (drumroll...)
Sherborne abbey choir.
It's not the artificial lighting
(which I unsuccessfully couldn't figure out how to cancel.)
Look at the intricate fans,
all painted in numerous designs.

The best thing about Sherborne abbey is that it was wholly unexpected.
I went to Sherborne to see the almshouses.
And since the abbey was next door,
I just popped on in to look around.
And-- WOW!

I admit that before I use these photos
I intend to rotate them a bit in photoshop.
(But I'm here at the airport doing some quick posts
before my plane leaves,
so no time for photoshop at present...)

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