Sunday, July 5, 2009

Parade Highlights

Fire engines are very loud...

Sun is awfully hot and bright...
(I had pre-frozen the drinks the night before,
so they doubled as coolers...)

But the missionaries are out,
high-fiving all the kids...

And look, it's Paddington Bear!

I always like the floats and the bands a lot, too,
and my favorite are the bagpipers.
This year there were THREE bagpipe bands!
Also, the historic hearse made its annual appearance,
which made me very happy, too.

My idea of the perfect fourth of July:
get up early and go for a balloon ride,
(never done it, but some day I will!)
and then go to see a big parade with lots of family,
especially kids who enjoy it,
and have lots of cold drinks and icy things to keep us cool,
followed by a lazy afternoon with a picnic,
or barbecue,
in a shady park somewhere,
with games for the kids
and naps for all the adults,
ending up with a big fireworks display
that is near enough to see very well,
preferably while lying on a blanket,
as they explode seemingly over our faces.

I had a very nearly perfect fourth of July this year!
Parade, nap and fireworks,
and of course, my family!

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