Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lagoon Bandits

I have always had a great weakness for old fashioned dress up photos.
When I was a kid I always longed to get such a photo taken
at Lagoon's Pioneer Village,
but my parents demurred
(and having seen the prices there, I now now why.)
But this year, when I took the kids to Lagoon,
I was determined to go ahead and have fun.
We all decided to be bandits.
I purchased both a sepia-toned print
and the five digital photos they took.
All were pretty good,
but this was my favorite.
(The digitals remain in color,
and it will be easy to make them sepia-toned in Photoshop if I want).

1 comment:

Birrd said...

FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! Worth the money!