Sunday, July 5, 2009

Colonial Reenactors (July 4)

Very near the parade venue, downtown,
a "Colonial Village" was set up for education and fun displays.
The candlemaking and so on was cheek by jowl with those inflatable bounce rooms for very young kids, but the displays were interesting anyway.
It was mobbed just after the parade and so we didn't stay,
but luckily before the parade started,
one of the reenactors was already busy setting up
and we got to talk to her (and photograph her) without a huge crowd in the way.
I had never seen this kind of lace making,
using a pattern of dots on paper to place the pins,
and a number of thread-holding bobbins,
that are wound and twisted in different ways,
to make the lace patterns.
It was really lovely to see
(and mind boggling to think of all the work that went into lace making by hand).

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