Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rainy Black Hills Day

It rained today as we drove into the Black Hills.
Mt. Rushmore was just barely visible,
so we didn't stop and pay the parking fee,
but drove on.
We took an extremely windy road down to Custer State Park.
There were 3 different tunnels like this:

And the forest was full of pyramidal piles of sticks,
where trees had been thinned and cut down.
We called them "Eeyore houses"
because they look just like that.
(This photo's a bit blurred- I was shooting from the car).

Though the rain obscured the faces of George, Abe, Teddy and Tom,
it made the trees look incredibly GREEN.
Admittedly I used photoshop on the last picture,
but that only reproduces what I actually saw:

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