Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fun and Games at Wall Drug

The destination itself!

I can't decide whether I like the pink& blue ostrich boots
or the orange & green ones best,
though I'm enthralled by the pimply leather
(you really need to enlarge the photo
to get the full effect).

Mom and Dad get friendly with an old prospector.

The whole thing is half movie set, half series of stores of tourist knicknacks.
If you want a stuffed jackalope,
or a T shirt with hot pink wild horses printed on it,
or a tacky mug,
or an overpriced Black Hills gold ring,
this is your place.
Dad got a hat,
Mom got a puzzle...
but I, the souvenir purchaser extraordinare,
got only photos this time
(I'm amazed at my restraint).


Birrd said...

I think I like the pink and blue, myself.

I should have had you buy me a stuffed jackalope.

scraps said...

Loved the pictures, I wouldn't have known which pair of boots to pick. They are both unique!