Sunday, June 7, 2009

Black Hills Beasts

Bison (commonly and erroneously known as buffalo)
are some of the most common animals seen wild in the Black Hills.
They are pretty impressive.

As we drove through Custer State Park,
we also saw a more rare sighting:
a group of bighorn sheep!

They were quite close to the road,
and I was able to get a fine view of these two reclining bighorns.

Another funny animal story of our trip
(one I don't have a photo for)
concerns the Brewers' blackbirds of northeast Wyoming.
We had stopped for a picnic lunch at a rest area,
and we were eating hard boiled eggs,
salad, apples, a few other things.
The blackbirds began to hop towards us hopefully,
so we tossed them a chunk of apple,
and a piece of lettuce.
They tried the apple, and then the lettuce,
one peck each,
and then- no kidding-
they fluffed out their feathers and squawked angrily to each other,
and then flapped away!
They probably wanted french fries.
Mom and Dad and I laughed so hard.
I wish I'd had my camera out!

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