Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sourdough Success Concluded

Here are the final steps.
The dough shaped into small rounds, as the recipe states:

The risen round, dusted with flour,
is 'docked' by poking with a skewer,
before being baked in the oven on parchment paper placed over a baking stone:

Baked loaves:

Loaf interior:

The crust is exceptionally good, thanks to the high oven heat and the steaming technique described in the book.
I really liked this bread.
It has a very lovely flavor.
Not as sour as San Francisco sourdough, for instance,
it reminded me of a bread version of Rye Krisp crackers that I used to eat when I was a child.


Birrd said...

Awesome! You so totally ROCK!!!!!!

scraps said...

GREAT JOB! Looks good,love that book.