Friday, November 7, 2008

Peasant Bread

My ultimate goal with sourdough was always to bake a reasonable facsimile of medieval peasant bread: a recipe that was 100% rye, not too fine, made only with rye, water, salt and a non commercial leavening agent such as sourdough or brewer's yeast.
I went back to one of my British recipes that had given me fits a few weeks ago,
and tried it with my nice starter that had provably worked in the Czech country loaf I posted about earlier.
(By the way, I think I know why my earlier starters were flops.
I think the flour was too old.
Rye flour is not exactly selling fast off the shelves, even in health food stores, and I didn't have any success until I started grinding my own flour from whole rye berries, using my handy Lee Mill, which also does excellent wheat flour too.)

So, I mixed up my starter refresher:

This is the dough after 12 hours
(recipe said let it sit 12-24 hours).
Look how nicely it doubled:

Then I mixed up the dough proper,
with more water, and flour and salt:

Then I let THAT rise (see following post.)

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