Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sourdough phase 2

Ok, so after letting my starter sit for about 38 hours on top of Mortimer's cage,
here is what I have:

Nice bubbles, clearly active.
Sour, slightly wierd smell.
It's like nothing I'm really used to.
Recipes say if I taste it it should be 'mildly tangy' but to be honest,
I can't bring myself to taste it.
It does not smell musty or bitter, though, which I've read are the things to be wary of.
Now I'm going to add some more flour and water.
This time I'm using 1/4 cup flour and 1/4 cup water,
equal parts.

Stirring it in, I see how it foams up, is kind of soupy
(a good sign, according to my reading)
and even 'stretchy' like early proto-dough.

All of these are good signs, so it's back to the top of Mortimer's cage,
and in another 12 hours or so I will check it again.
It's nice when the project goes well according to just about all descriptions.
There are a lot of directions out there, and how's a novice to decide,
say between plastic and glass containers,
when one source warns that glass can explode with the pressure buildup,
and another says that glass is better for the culture?
So far it seems to be working well, though.

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