Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sourdough and Snakes

I have been experimenting with trying to raise a rye sourdough starter for bread.
My first attempt went very awry, after what looked to be an initial success,
because I was using a British recipe and I badly misjudged the amount of water that needed to be put in.
So it didn't work.
After a bit of web research and recalculation, I am trying again,
chronicling the stages as I go.
Very first stage,
1/4 cup organic rye flour,
and 1/2 cup water at 104 degrees F (40 C).


Some of the sources I consulted said it should look like pancake batter,
which is just about right.
The current bubbles are from stirring only,
but it should bubble as it ferments later on.
Now I just need to put it in a container and a warm place.

As for a warm place, I have the Perfect Spot.
The sources I have consulted all say that about 80 F (30 C) is perfect.
Not any hotter,
but not any cooler than 75.
Well, my house is currently about 75 so I could try the counter,
but when I took the temperature of the top of Mortimer's cage,
with the ambient heat lamp next door,
it was just under 80 F.
So the sourdough culture will share space with my snake for a bit.

May it flourish!
I will post on additional successes (or failures).


Emily said...

You are SO WEIRD!!!

Emily said...

I mean that in the best possible way, of course! (Love you!)

scraps said...

You should use glass and not plastic, it does something to the starter. I have been doing sourdough for awhile and am learning news ways myself, it is quite fun! Hope you enjoy!