Tuesday, September 23, 2008

High Country Yosemite

View of Tuolomne meadows
(pronounced, near as I can tell,
TWAL um nee)
east toward Lembert Dome:

Cold water!
I waded right in,
thanks to my nice amphibious Chacos.

A closer look at Lembert Dome:

I just had time for a mite of Yosemite,
but I'd really like to go back!


Birrd said...

And I would like to go WITH you! Wouldn't that be jolly!

scraps said...

I miss yosemite....I was 4 the first time my family went and the big black bears were friendly then, but we didn't get too close. I went again when I was about 14 and jump over a bridge 2o feet down and into just the right spot of water that was deep, everything else was 3 feet deep around it. My parents were scared for me as I didn't know how to swim. But I had to keep up with my older brother and his friend, didn't I?

scraps said...

Beautiful pictures, btw.....