Friday, August 15, 2008

Tipi part 3

Pegging down the tipi is pretty simple.
Put the pegs in the loops at the bottom of the tipi canvas:

But here's a cute trick.
Don't just put the pegs in the loops and drive them in.
Instead, give the canvas loops a twist to secure them, like so:

Then you can drive them into the ground at an angle
(not too deeply or it's horribly hard to remove):

Since it's summer,
you don't want the canvas all the way down to the ground all the way around.
You want to leave the canvas rolled up on two sides to allow a cross breeze close to the ground.
This will help keep the tipi cool.
(It won't do much for bugs,
but then tipis are not bug-proof in any case).

One more step to follow: fixing the smoke flaps.

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