Sunday, August 10, 2008

Reunion at Mill Hollow

Our family reunion was wonderful, and I loved going back to Mill Hollow after 20+ years.
We had a great spot all organized for our group photo and I had a dozen cameras dangling off of me and setting up to take the picture when a friendly staff member came by and volunteered to take the photos for us, two per each camera.
I thought, 'hooray, I get to be IN the family picture for once!"
Bless her heart, our lovely backdrop has a huge chunk of foreground that cuts off the gable of the cabin hall behind us.
I will have to tinker with the picture in Photoshop, but restoring the gable peak is Beyond Me.
I forget some times that Some People have absolutely no photographic common sense.
Anyway, at least you can see just about everybody's face.

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