Friday, August 15, 2008

Goats at Glacier NP

When I arrived at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park,
I decided to go for a short hike up to see the Hidden Lake overlook.
And as I was hiking up past a snowfield, I looked to my right and saw...


A real, live mountain goat!

She (I think it was a she) was sitting calmly on the snowfield,
just a few yards away,
enjoying the sun, evidently.

The goats at Glacier are pretty used to tourists with cameras,
I gathered,
especially after I saw several more on the hike that crossed over the trail.
This one was not bothered by me at all,
or the growing crowd of fellow hikers coming up and saying "ooh!"
in not-very-soft tones.
She wasn't going to let it disturb her nap time!

Zooming out a bit to get the view of Mt. Clements,
under which the goat is settled:

And since she was so calm, I got one of the fellow hiker-tourist-camera folks
to take my picture as I sat on the trail "wall".
You can see how close she is!


jbstanford said...

Interestingly, I've now seen quite a few more goats now that I am down here. People have them to keep their yards from growing to big, I presume.

jbstanford said...
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