Friday, July 18, 2008


I adore roller coaster rides, and Lagoon has some good ones.
First of all there is the classic, which my parents rode on THEIR first date:

And then there is MY favorite, Colossus (Fire Dragon).
I have loved Colossus since I was 16.
Yes I know Lagoon has plenty others, several of which are snazzy and swoopy and have more dramatic drops or swings (like the Spider, which I rode with great enjoyment, and the Wicked, which I did not get to ride because Griffin had a migraine and none of the others wanted to try it, but that's another story.)
I LOVE Colossus.
It is the BEST.
It is smooth and fast and swooshy and goes upside down!

Griffin liked Colossus, too.
We rode it 3 times in a row, even though he did have a headache.

And I convinced Eme to try it too.
(No getting Ethan on anything that goes upside down.)
Eme was enjoyably scared in anticipation and burbling with post-ride delight all the way home.

I love the rides at night when the lights come out in the dusk.
I don't go to amusement parks very often, which is probably why I enjoy my time there so much (no overkill).

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