Saturday, July 19, 2008

Empty Soup, or, Twenty-Nine Years Later

When I was about seven, my dad took me on a hike up in the mountains near Aspen Grove.
I vividly remember the waterfall at the end of the hike, and how I scrambled around the river rocks and made 'empty soup' with our lunch containers.
It was one of those Magic Childhood memories.

I never really recalled where the falls were, though.
I knew they couldn't be First Falls on the Aspen Grove trail for Timpanogos, because I hike that a lot and the falls don't look the same.

But today Ted and Eme and I decided to hike to Stewart Cascade, because none of us had ever been there.
Or so I thought!
When I got up close, I knew this was THE waterfall of the empty soup day.

You can get right down to the base of it!

And as I recalled from my childhood, the rocks are slippery.
I still had to mind my step!

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