Friday, July 18, 2008

Lagoon with Three Pre-Teens

I took my niece Emeline and my nephews Ethan and Griffin to Lagoon a couple of days ago.
(Ok, so Griffin is technically a teenager these days, but the three of them have always been good friends.)
Ethan loved the skyride (an old traditional favorite that I remember fondly when I was a kid):

And we all tried (and enjoyed!) the new OdysSea ride,
an interactive ride where you steer a fish car with a joy stick, up and down, while the mechanism spins around and around past fountains of water.

Eme liked the water so much she went and doused herself thoroughly in the play fountain:

So since she was all wet anyway, it made sense for us to head over to the water park part of Lagoon and float on the lazy river for a couple of hours.
(At least, that's what the boys did.
Eme and I went down the slides.
I got my stairmaster workout, but boy, it was fun!)

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