Wednesday, June 4, 2008

York Lunch & Dinner

This was lunch: a yummy eclair that I took to a nearby square and ate while sitting on a bench watching pigeons.
It's nice again today, a good day for a picnic.
I got the eclair at Thomas the Baker's:

Thomas the Baker is a chain (there's a couple of these stores in York) but the baked goods are pretty good.
They do a lot of cornish pasties as well as cakes and cookies and goodies like eclairs.

For dinner I went to a pub and had their rumpsteak special.
It was cooked well, and tolerably good, especially for only 5 pounds.

I love how the English serve mushrooms with everything- as a garnish, even with breakfast!

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Birrd said...

I would be happy to have a Thomas chain in my neighborhood!