Saturday, June 21, 2008

Unexpected Plane Bonus

Not only did I get a bank of 3 seats all to myself so I could lie down on the flight back from England (oh bliss!), we flew over Greenland's tip!
The pilot was kind enough to announce it and there was a general migration to the windows.
I managed to secure a good window view for a few minutes (the persons belonging to those seats having decamped elsewhere.)
Here the plane comes over the southeast tip of Greenland from the ocean:

It's June, and look at all that SNOW!
And yes, all those white spots are icebergs, I believe!

The snow got a tad more subdued as we flew west, but the fjords were awfully keen:

And there were still plenty of icebergs.

It is wonderful from the air, but I am glad I don't live in Greenland.

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Birrd said...

"You want me to send you back where you came from? Unemployed? In GREENLAND???"