Thursday, June 19, 2008

And the Wierd Sorbet Flavor of the Year Is...

Christian, a chocolatier-sorbeterie-tea room boutique in the rue Merciere leading off of Strasbourg cathedral, is arguably the best ice cream in Strasbourg. (One of the two best, anyway.)
It is certainly the Weirdest.
I have had lots of Interesting Flavors here over the years:

They do have conventional flavors too, like apricot, strawberry, caramel, and even vanilla. If you enlarge the above picture you might even see some of the labels.
Some of them are fancy blends and I just go with what looks good.
The cone below, for instance, is "Lac Rose" (bottom, yellow) and "Yucatan" (top, pink.)
Yucatan was a strawberry-lemon blend, very nice.
Lac Rose was rose water and banana ice cream, delicious.

Getting a cone from Christian is great because I can then stroll up to the cathedral and Admire Details of the west front while I am enjoying the wonderful flavors.
Yucatan and Lac Rose notwithstanding, the top wierd flavor of the year has to go to the following cone:

The top green sorbet is cactus (which sounded very exotic but tasted pretty much like lemon-lime to me.)
And the bottom one?
If you guess it correctly I will send you one of my hoarded self-imported dark European chocolate bars.
I can make this promise because you will not guess it.
Yes, you read that right, and your French isn't rusty at all:
It was pretty good.

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