Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

Here is an engagement picture of Adam and me in fall 1993.
I didn't use this in the wedding announcement because my front teeth protrude too much, but I always did like this one of Adam.
Look at the way he is looking at me.

Just over seven years later, Christmas time 2000, here we are in the back yard of his parents' house in Sand Diego.
The insincere camera smile, the pulling away... body language says it all, though the actual separation wasn't to occur for another seven or eight months, and the divorce wasn't formally granted until January 2003.

My blog readers all probably know that Adam died on Sunday April 13, of a brain hemorrhage due to acute leukemia. I will be going to a memorial service for him on Wednesday April 23 (he was cremated last week, so this is not a funeral per se) and visiting with his family and giving them a CD of pictures. I have about 200 pictures of him from conventional film negatives which I am photoshopping to clean up nicks, scratches, discoloration, etc. So I have been looking at lots of pictures of Adam lately.
It isn't just in pictures with me; in a lot of pictures in our last year or two he hardly smiles, and the light seems to have gone out of his face.
It makes me sad.


Emily said...

It is sad. I do love that first picture. That is a good way to remember him.

There is such a contrast in the second picture between the two of you. There is certainly still a light in your countenance, and you are beautiful, as always.

Birrd said...

I agree, it's very sad.

I hope you find someone else to look at you the way Adam is in the top picture.