Saturday, April 5, 2008

Memory Lane: I feel so loved!

While going through digital family files from 1991, I found this photo of Charles and Sarah at Lake Itasca:

They made a sand sculpture of a CROCODILE!
I know quite well who they were thinking of!!
I love them!!


Birrd said...

We worshipped you. Still do. And thanks for cropping my bottom out of the photo.

Dr. Croc said...

Oh, thank you dear Birrd!
You look adorable in this photo, I love the feisty grin on your face. I can't take credit for the cropping though because Dad had already cropped it!!

CStanford said...

So it was Lake Itasca, eh? Good to know. I just came a cross a print of that shot while I was organizing my photos. We enjoyed paying homage to our favorite crocodile.