Thursday, October 18, 2007

Trastevere and Culture Shock

When we first arrived in Trastevere, Dad was Extremely Dubious.
There was graffiti everywhere, even on the door of the apartment complex where we were staying.
I could see it written on his face: he had half a mind to turn back to the rental van and ask to be taken somewhere else with no graffiti.
There IS no such place in Rome.
Graffiti is EVERYWHERE... on the outside of buildings, at least.

Despite my reassurances, it took a couple of days for the graffiti reality to sink in and for Dad to realize that the presence of graffiti did not mean that we were in a Bad Neighborhood.
It was all over the subway, even.

In fact we were in a very pleasant neighborhood, just 100 meters away from the Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere.

This is our street, the Via del Moro, at dusk.
Tons of families out and walking about, window shopping and having a good time.
We went out a couple of evenings ourselves, to listen to street music and get pizza takeout.
It was great!

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