Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Parthenon: Splendid but Crowded

The Acropolis is SOOO crowded, even in the "off season."
And you can't go directly up to the Parthenon, nor even get within spitting distance of it.
The site is full of guards with whistles who blow it shrilly every time a person gets too close or touches the sacred marble.

Getting a picture of oneself or one's group in front of the Parthenon without fifteen thousand other tourists is likewise impossible.
And the interior is ALL cluttered up with scaffolding.

Though the Parthenon was (despite all these handicaps) very impressive, I found I preferred the Erechtheion, also on the Acropolis.

The famous porch of the Maidens was particularly lovely, though again you couldn't get at all close.

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