Friday, January 6, 2012

Ravenna: Galla Placidia's Mausoleum

Now that I'm home from Italy and back in the land of boring winter,
I am going to post some of my Italian adventures on my blog--
mostly as pictures.
I will be focusing especially on monuments that I teach.
It can be really hard to get high quality, high resolution photos
without copyright problems,
from internet sources.
So-- I'm using these in my class,
and maybe some other instructor will be able to find them useful too.
This is the late Roman mausoleum
of Galla Placidia,
an imperial Roman lady who had a lot of ruling power,
and who has a gorgeous (if small)
tomb building next to a now-ruined basilica,
and the larger, later, famous church of San Vitale.
I love the mosaics, especially Christ as the Good Shepherd,
the apostles and doves,
and the alabaster window panes.

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